School Project

The family of "Anzac Jack" recently decided to forward a complimentary copy of the book to all secondary schools and colleges in New Zealand. This was carried out with the blessing of Mr Howard Fancy, the Chief Executive Officer of the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Accordingly, 320 copies were mailed during March 2006 to arrive before the 91st Anniversary of the Landing at Gallipoli on April 25th, 1915.

We are indebted to Vicki Davey (nee Moore), a grand daughter of "Anzac Jack Moore" and her son Joel Davey, a great grandson of "Anzac Jack" for their valuable assistance with the project. Vicki for the tedious task of sorting and packaging the 320 odd copies and Joel for his talented development of the letters, the computer management and the printing.

As a family we have been overwhelmed and humbled by the letters of appreciation we have received from school Principals and their Librarians throughout New Zealand. The book has complemented the existing information they have on the exploits of New Zealand servicemen and women during many armed conflicts and in fact added new information about a subject currently researched within the schools. This response has influenced the family of "Anzac Jack" to such an extent that we have now offered the complete publication of "Anzac Jack" as a downloadable eBook. This will enable a larger number of students to peruse and download information for projects via a medium with which they are already very familiar.The use of this information will still be covered by the terms of our copywrite. Jack Moore - Author Malcolm Moore - Associate Warrick Moore - Associate